The Minor Follies

Sing for your Supper:  6 July 2016 @ George Harcourt Inn


The Minor Follies appear about 1 hour into this video. Sing for Your Supper was broadcast live during our performance!
The sound and video are slightly out of sync – but you get the idea.


Upcoming Gig:  17 April 2016 3.45 pm @RUC Turner Bowls Club

The Minor Follies are joining the stage about 3.45 pm on Sunday 17th April when North CBR Music will be taking their crew of Muso’s to The RUC Turner Bowls Club from 3pm.  Just a 15 minute set, but there’s sure to be some great music.

The Minor Follies?

For some venues and gigs a 5 piece band is too hard to fit on the stage or get together.  So on top of O’Neill’s Folly which is all 5 of us, we have the Minor Follies – any configuration of two to three of us.

The Minor Follies get up and have a go every month or so at the George Harcourt Inn on the Wednesday Sing for Your Supper sessions.



Showgirl Banjo