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Celtic and Americana Folk Music

Sing for your Supper:  6 July 2016 @ George Harcourt Inn   The Minor Follies appear about 1 hour into this video. Sing for Your Supper was broadcast live during our performance! The sound and video are slightly out of sync – but you get…

The Minor Follies

It was an advertisement Shaz placed on Gumtree that started it. “Wanted: Intermediate to advanced guitarist to work with singer on folk and Americana songs for performances around campfires and festival blackboards.” The responses were numerous (more successful than internet dating!) – and shortly after…


So… we don’t have any proper reviews yet. We’ve got lots of lovely friends saying encouraging things about us on our Facebook pages though!  🙂   When they do come – we’ll post them here.    


Past Gigs 24-25 February 2017 – Cobargo Folk Festival blackboards. 2 January 2017 – Smith’s Alternative. 19 November 2016 – Music in the Park, Hackett ACT. 13 November 2016 – Major’s Creek Folk Festival blackboard. 18 September 2016 – Adore Tea, Gold Creek ACT. 18…

Past Gigs

Booking contact: Sharon Casey Ph: 0418 405 236 Email: artsorcery@bigpond.com  


Just a short snippet of the song Goody Anne Glover.  The lyrics of this song were written by Ros Hales, and the tune composed by Dave O’Neill.

National Folk Festival 2016

Given the instruments we play, fiddle, mandolin, guitar and banjo, we tend to have a folkie/Americana feel to us – though we draw our material from a broad spectrum.  Unless otherwise stated, all arrangements are by Dave O’Neill. Our current repertoire includes:- Crossing Muddy Waters…

Set Lists/Repertoire