O'Neill's Folly

Celtic and Americana Folk Music

Sing for your Supper:  6 July 2016 @ George Harcourt Inn   The Minor Follies appear about 1 hour into this video. Sing for Your Supper was broadcast live during our performance! The sound and video are slightly out of sync – but you get…

The Minor Follies

It was an advertisement Shaz placed on Gumtree that started it. “Wanted: Intermediate to advanced guitarist to work with singer on folk and Americana songs for performances around campfires and festival blackboards.” The responses were numerous (more successful than internet dating!) – and shortly after…


So… we don’t have any proper reviews yet. We’ve got lots of lovely friends saying encouraging things about us on our Facebook pages though!  🙂   When they do come – we’ll post them here.    




Past Gigs 24-25 February 2017 – Cobargo Folk Festival blackboards. 2 January 2017 – Smith’s Alternative. 19 November 2016 – Music in the Park, Hackett ACT. 13 November 2016 – Major’s Creek Folk Festival blackboard. 18 September 2016 – Adore Tea, Gold Creek ACT. 18…

Past Gigs

Booking contact: Sharon Casey Ph: 0418 405 236 Email: artsorcery@bigpond.com  


Given the instruments we play, fiddle, mandolin, guitar and banjo, we tend to have a folkie/Americana feel to us – though we draw our material from a broad spectrum.  Unless otherwise stated, all arrangements are by Dave O’Neill. Our current repertoire includes:- Crossing Muddy Waters…

Set Lists/Repertoire